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Q-fire by ODA

The easiest, most user friendly Choreography/Scripting/Firing System
on the market. The hardest part will be deciding on the music to use.

Now with Preview Mode**

* A PC laptop computer firing system - no firing controller required.
* Uses Windows operating system - Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP
* Most user friendly software on the market.
* Fires 1536 separate cues - 3072 cues special order.
* Multi-Fire - will fire multiple cues at the same time.
* Three firing modes - Manual / Timed / Synchronized
* Uses Industry standard .wav file, with cue being fired highlighted.
* Uses CoolEdit/GoldWave music editing software for quick, easy scripting.
* Start / Stop / Resume anytime without losing synchronization.
* Real-time (on-the-fly) time adjustment
* Accuracy to .01 seconds
* Time lapse and Cue count fired indicators
* Null any slave at any time
* Slaves are software addressable.
* Manual on/off switch
* Manual keyed arming switch
* Software arming switch
* Diagnostic testing upon power-up + on screen diagnostics
* Two connectors for slats - may be separated for easier hookup

**Preview Mode
* Allows checking for synchronization to music
* Quickly see available cues.
* Quickly detect duplicate cues.

Easy field setup - one communications cable from laptop to first slave - then daisy chain with one comm/power cable between each slave. One power cable on last slave.  Each slave has 2 connectors for slat hookup.  12 position slats allow for greater flexibility in field.

$1000.00 +S&H

A demo CD is available for $10.00 ppd. (fully refundable with purchase of Q-fire).

*Schematic of 5 Slave Setup*

*View Q-fire Instruction Manual (928kB PDF)*



Intimidated by computerized firing systems?  Don't be!
Let us show you the simplicity with our "virtual switchbox" Q-lite.

screenshot of 'virtual firing panel'
Q-lite advantages over standard switchbox
1.   One thin cable from laptop to Field Module.  Or go wireless with our Radio/Modem.
2.   Easily expandable - 24 cues to 288 cues.
3.   Either 'point 'n click' to fire or select cues and fire.
4.   Slave and cue testing done immediately upon startup.
5.   Compatibility - Field Modules may be used with our Q-fire Firing System.
6.   'Hardware Arming' - 'Software Arming'
7.   Software addressable Slaves.
8.   Re-settable elapsed time indicator.

$100.00 Postpaid

*View Instruction Manual (96kB PDF)*