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Slave Protection

Although I like repeat orders, this is not how I would like to get them.  This year two of my customers were subject to this unfortunate problem.  Because of pending rain they chose to cover their Slaves with plastic - good idea at the time, however flaming debris fell onto/ignited the plastic which in turn ignited our enclosure.  Although an excellent heavy duty and waterproof (when securely closed) enclosure, they are not fireproof.

One of them came up with an excellent idea - maybe not elegant - but excellent.  Use a galvanized pail over the Slave.  It provides both rain protection as well as fire protection.

Searching for the appropriate size, we finally found this one.  It is a 4 gal. Wash Tub (Model #A) manufactured by Dover Parkersburg.  It fits nicely over our Slaves - see pictures below.  Nest-able for easy storage, great for storing cables.  And does double duty as an ice cooler for your favorite beverage.

We highly recommend painting the outside bottom with an epoxy paint - it is amazing how quickly moisture and falling residue form rust and pinholes thru the pail. 



Pictures of Slave with cables fed under/thru the handle - to keep them all on one side and flat.

Picture of Tub covering the Slave.