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Cover for Slats

Shown is a 12" section of 5" PVC drainage pipe, cut in half - to yield two covers.  Depending on your source - a very inexpensive method for protection from debris and heavy dew.







Another suggestion is to use a flexible piece of rubber.  Shown is a 10" X 10" X 1/16" flexible piece of rubber sheeting - often used for making your own gaskets - McMaster & Carr stock # 8634K11.  It is held in place with 3 staples (stainless - if you can find them).  With the flap open you have easy access to wiring.  After wiring, you simply fold the flap over and tuck beneath.  Wires can come out either end.





When closed it protects the slat from debris and dew.  It also provides slat protection when putting them away for storage.