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Slat Tester


To test the continuity of electric matches and circuits at the Slat or cable.

This small device is roughly the size of a credit card - but a bit thicker.  It uses two "AAA" batteries.  The measured current thru a typical match is less than 10mA.  Although well below the 50mA Max test limit, all precautions should be taken. All personnel should be distant from the devices under test.
By plugging the Tester into the Slat (using supplied gender changer) continuity on all cues will be done.  An LED will light signifying continuity on those cues.  There are two models - Slat Tester 10 for 10  position Slats and Slat Tester 12 for 12 position Slats - both are the same price.

$35.00 +S&H