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10 Q/CD Firing Panel

The 10 Q/CD is ideally suited for firing fronts, however, any combination of single or multiple electric matches may be fired. The unit uses 1 'C' cell which powers both the continuity test and CD power source. This CD power source converts the 1.5 volts to 300 volts (rated at 8.7 joules).


The 10 Q/CD is housed in a 5" X 6" X 1.5" ABS enclosure with aluminum faceplate.  On the top panel is a key lock switch for main power, and a DB25F for output.  Also there is a mode switch "TEST/ARM"; "ON/OFF" power switch; "FIRE/OFF" switch with ready light; a 'push to test' switch with LED for continuity; and a rotary switch to select the desired cue.

We also manufacture the 10 Q/CD in a 1.1j model.

$135.00 +S&H

"Expanding the 10 Q/CD"

*View Instruction Sheet (21kB PDF)*