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Field Module - Slave

Our Field Modules/Slaves are used with our Q-fire and Q-lite software.  The modules contain a microcontroller and is housed in a 8.7" X 7.45" X 3.9" rugged, waterproof polypropylene enclosure.  All controls and connectors are located on the top panel (anodized aluminum).  Two DB15 connectors labeled 'cues 1-12' and 'cues 13-24' are located on this panel. Readily available cables are used to connect the Slave to ODA 12 Position Slats.  Also on the top panel are two XLR style connectors 'INPUT' and 'OUTPUT', an 'ON/OFF' power switch and a keyed 'ARM' switch with LED.  An external power source is required for Slave power as well as firing current - 12-24 volts.

In systems with multiple Slaves, a single cable is connected from the 'OUTPUT' to the 'INPUT' of Slave #1. The 'OUTPUT' of Slave #1 is then connected to the 'INPUT' of Slave #2, in a daisy chain fashion.  A power source is connected to the 'OUTPUT' of the last Slave.  Each Slave is user programmed with a utility program found within Q-fire and Q-lite.  When the power switch is turned on the power LED will blink the Slave address number and then stays lit.

$300.00 +S&H

"Suggestion for Slave protection"

"Typical 5 Slave setup"