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Expanding your 10 Q/CD

Many of our 10 Q/CD customers have expanded their firing capabilities from 10 shots to 20, 30, 40 even 60 shots.

  They have done this by adding an 'AB' Data Switch Box, extra cables, and extra slats.

  Pictured to the left is front and back panels of a typical 'Data Switch'.

  The 'AB' switch box is readily available from computer supply houses. It is basically used to switch from one printer to another.  However, it can be used to switch from one slat to another.  Therefore, by hooking up the output of the 10 Q/CD to the I/O of the 'AB' switch   box, and two cables from the switch box to two slats out in the field, you can fire 20 separate cues.  Fire 10 cues on 'A', then switch to 'B' and fire another 10 cues.

Although still called 'AB' switch boxes, these units also come in 3, 4 and even 6 outputs.  Voila, a 60 shot firing system for small money.