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Blasting Box

To remotely fire one or more electric matches.  Ideally suited for firing fronts containing many matches in series.  Typical fronts having 25-30 matches in series are easily fired by this small but powerful Capacitive Discharge unit.

Approximately 1" X 2" X 3" and constructed of durable ABS plastic.  The front has two rocker style switches, the left for power "ON/OFF" and the right "FIRE/OFF".  On Model #1DMS the left switch will stay on or off, whichever is selected.  On the #2DMS the left switch is momentary style, must be held down to charge and fire (many consider to be the safer mode).  The right switch is a momentary style in both models, and remains in the off position until ready to fire, when it is pressed and released.  The output terminals are located on the end panel, with a neon light in between.

Normal firing procedure is to turn the power switch on until the neon light begins to flash, whereby pressing the fire switch will put 280-320 volts on to the output terminals. With new alkaline batteries the charge time is 6-8 seconds. When the power switch is in the off position the unit will self discharge to a safe level in 2 seconds. The batteries are easily replaced by sliding off the back cover.

We also manufacture a 1.1j model, not as powerful as our 8.7j (will fire 12-15 matches), however the charge time is approximately 1 second.

$75.00 +S&H


*View Instruction Sheet (17kB PDF)*