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50 Q Switch Box

To remotely-electrically fire 50 separate cues.  The 50 toggle switches are used to put on line the next circuit to be fired.  A momentary "FIRE" switch (rated at 16 Amp) is used to fire the selected circuit.

The 50 Q Switch Box is housed in a 11" X 6" X 5" heavy duty polypro case with locking lid, and a 16 gauge aluminum face plate.  Located on top are the 50 'cue' switches; a 'TEST/ARM' key switch; an LED and Sonic alarm for continuity testing; an 'ARM' LED; a 16 Amp momentary 'FIRE' switch; 5 DB25F connectors for output; two 4-way binding posts for external power source; and a nine volt battery holder for continuity testing.

$300.00 +S&H

Download 50 Q Switchbox Instructions (23kb PDF)